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The seeds of WOWEEE started back in 1997 when founder, Pat Jacques moved to the Colorado Rockies.  The idea was to create a safe, peaceful, and joyous space for Women to find and embrace their true power.  Pat's desires stemmed from overcoming a difficult childhood and watching her mother struggle with self esteem.  While the WOWEEE vision was there, the time was not right.  
In 2011 Pat began working with empowerment coach, Christy Belz.  Using Christy's unique, transformational techniques, Pat was able to release negative energy and beliefs and move into a more balanced, peaceful, and positive space.  As all aspects of Pat's life improved and blossomed, in 2012 she approached Christy Belz with the idea of WOWEEE.  Christy was immediately supportive and began collaborating with Pat.  She also encouraged Pat to bring other guides, leaders, and teachers into WOWEEE.
On September 8, 2012 Pat hosted the first ever WOWEEE event featuring Christy Belz.  Seventeen women attended this amazing, transformational, powerful event which received rave reviews!  WOWEEE hosted two more events in 2012 and scheduled quarterly events for 2013. 
WOWEEE's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY was celebrated with one of the world's most loved inspirational teachers and multi-award winning author, Cynthia James.  In September of 2013 Cynthia presented "What Will Set You Free" to a courageous group of women seeking to release limiting beliefs and embrace their freedom.  She returned in January 2013 with her follow-up "Integration" retreat.  It was a profound experience for everyone! 
Pat was surprised and honored when Cynthia James invited her to join her team of "Freedom Coaches!"  Pat is currently an intern, attends custom training sessions, and is being mentored by several "Master Coaches."  Pat will support Cynthia's What Will Set You Free October 24 & 25 workshop at Mile Hi Church in Denver as a Teaching Assistant.
So far this journey has been a whirlwind of joy, growth, transformation, and love!  We look forward to sharing this amazing journey with you!  Please drop us a line or give a shout.  We'd love to tell you more!